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Death TV Injector APK (Latest Version) v.7.3 for Android

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The latest version of Death TV Injector comes with a few positive changes in it. Currently, you can use this tool to achieve 100s of MLBB Skins, Recalls, Emotes, a Bugs Fixer, and similar other gaming stuff. It means you are free to customize the Mobile Legends Bang Bang fluently. More importantly, you will not invest some diamonds or money to get your goal. Hence, it is a free, simple & direct way to control the game on Android phones.

MOBA games are glamourous & trendy in this day & age. Smartphone users have a vast collection of all kinds of online & offline games. However, multiplayer online games are more interesting for youngsters. Since these games test the expertise & talent of the gamers, therefore every player wants to accept the challenge. Mobile Legends is also serving for a long time. Moreover, this action shooter game supports the mod tools I’e Death TV Injector & Box Skin Injector to some degree. And the fans take advantage of it.

Besides all, if you get stuck at some point in the game, then apply the Death TV Injector APK. Indeed, it vanishes the need for cash expenses on in-game diamonds. And ultimately, you can unlock the premium stuff without any cost. You know injector apps bring preinstalled gaming items, and you only embed them in the game. It is possible due to the efficiency & capacity of your applied app. So, are you fond of it? Then, download Death TV Injector MLBB now free.

Features of Death TV Injector:

Since the developer has updated this tool many times, therefore different versions have few changes. Our concern is with the latest edition because older editions are not functional now. So, here is a brief description of all the cheats & hacks.

Visual Skin:

No doubt, dozens of free Skins for ML Characters give you great relief. All your worries end when you update your favorite avatars.

  • Fighter Skin, Mage Skin, Tank Skin, Marksman Skin, Assassin, and Support Skin are handy right now. And you can open each role to see the available heroes in it.
  • Few skins are present openly other than the 06 groups. It includes Gusion Collector, Angela Collector, Kagura Starlight, Vale Hero, Change Epic, Wanwan Collector, Roger Epic, Ling Special, and Chou Hero.

Recall Effect:

Similarly, many Recalls will help you in empowering your fighters. The enjoyable options are as given.

  • Super Return, Fire Crown, Seal of Anvil, Star Cluster, Dragon Tamer, Saber, Return of Storm, Summer Gala, King of Fighters, Party King, Lightborn, Oriental Fighters, Venom, Eternal of Flower, Sword Master, STUN, Sky Guardian, Blazing Shadow

Battle Emote:

Next, Death TV Injector donates you more than a dozen of ML Emoticons free. This list includes the following names.

  • Genius Emote, Bren Esports, Evos Emote, RRQ, Onic PH, Aura, Emperor, Bigetron, Genflix, Alter Ego, Geek Fam, Welcome to my realm, RRQ lemon, Our Song, Be Happy!

Bug Fixer:

ML players face some issues regarding the speed & stability of the game. Therefore, you can resolve those problems to run the game smoothly without errors.

  • Stuck Loading
  • Pink Map/Bug Map
  • Tower Pink Map/Bug Tower
  • Skin Bug No Sound

Suggest for You:

Besides all, Death TV Injector brings some better suggestions for you. And you can see them on the main menu. Doubtlessly, it recommends different elements of your interests. You can actively get them by tapping on each item. For instance

  • Ling Collector, Selena STUN, Claude MSC, Hanabi Special, Baxia Special, Jawhead Starlight, etc.

Other Stuff:

The current edition shows Elimination Effect, Spawn Effect, Custom Skin, and Drone View in the list. However, they are not functioning yet due to some reason. But we can expect that the developer will add these items soon. So, be optimistic.

Extra features of Death TV Injector:

  • Simple UI.
  • Free to use.
  • Latest edition.
  • Newly added Skins & other items.
  • Excessive premium stuff is open.
  • Lightweight app.
  • Select & Inject easily.
  • Compatible with MLBB.
  • Free of ads.
  • Free of bugs/errors.
  • 100% functional & effective.
  • Anti-ban.
  • Permanent Skins for unlimited time.
  • No password.
  • No root.
  • Much more.

Is It Safe to Use the Death TV Injector APK?

It depends on how you utilize the tool. It means if you become greedy and activate multiple cheats at once, you might lose your ML account. Though, Death TV Injector is an anti-detect app. But no one can prove it 100% true. Therefore, you need to adopt some tips. For instance, you can use a VPN when injecting the cheats into the game. In this way, your identity will remain hidden, and you will also achieve your goal. A virtual space app is also helpful in this regard.


Since we have provided you with the latest version of Death TV Injector, replace it with the previous one. Multiple new features are enjoyable in it, and many gamers are using it. If you want to succeed just like pro players, get the APK file free of cost. Install it on your device and modify the Mobile Legends effectively. All the results are actual, genuine & long-lasting. So, don’t waste your time on any useless app. And download the Death TV Injector APK from our site APKGLOBE.NET.